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Tutorial for Layered Patterns

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As said infamously in the movie Shrek, "Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Cakes have layers." Well guess what?! Simple Life Company patterns now have layers! You may be wondering "what does that mean and how will it help me?". Well, let's find out!

To get started, click on the File tab in the upper left hand corner and scroll down to Properties.

Next, click on the initial view tab (this could be labeled differently depending on your version of adobe). On the Navigation tab scroll down to the "layers panel and page" the click "apply"

Click on the layers button shown above on the very far left. You will then click the + sign next to the pattern name to show all the layers. Layers in an Adobe PDF file allow you to choose what you see. For instance, if you wish to see and print sizes 2t to size 12 in a pattern, you will select each of those layers in the layers tab. Simply check or uncheck next to the sizes you would like to print or view. NOTE: you MUST click the very first layer that says "MUST PRINT-TEXT". This is where your test square, pattern name and other info you need when printing. To see what you are printing, scroll to the very end of the pattern where the pattern pieces are and you can see what it looks like. here is what a size 5 & 12 look like if those are the only sizes you want to print.

If you like to print in black and white like me, you will no longer have to spend several minutes trying to figure out which lines correspond to the size you need. You can simply print one size! Hallalujah! Save ink. Save paper. Save time. 

Patterns that currently feature the layered printing options: Megan, Mia & Breanna's. All future patterns will have this option as well.

Enjoy and as always, happy sewing!


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